Cypher Diaries

My story from the front lines of the 2028 Money Wars

Chapter 6: Belief

My senseless body rests in my living room while Rabbit Hole content bombards my neurons.

It starts with first principles in economics, politics, and behavioural science, followed by early cypherpunk writings. Then the Bitcoin whitepaper, its interpretations from the OGs and its references to the first principles I began with, in full circle. It’s as if I witnessed the story unfold in real-time.

My comprehension starts slow but accelerates as each new insight reinforces the previous. Soon I’m understanding complex topics with ease. A feeling of belief simmers in my state of vague consciousness. I’m thirsty for more. 

My brain tingles with the sensation of forgetting menial information that I once held precious — Samurai Squad tactics, anime storylines, quirky ad slogans ingrained in my memory from Faceworld consumption. At the same time, my philosophy studies are reinforced by connections made to Rabbit Hole lessons.

Each day I consume content until my mind and body collapse, only breaking for Soulent intake and discharge.

Then it stops. My mind begins to regain consciousness with no distinct memory of the days before, just of the information consumed. My eyelids flutter until my vision is clear. Uncle Rav patiently sits across the virtual table, exactly as before. “I feel so foolish,” are the only words that feel right.

Rav silently waits for me to become fully aware.

I take inventory of my new mental state. I’m immediately reminded of my recent mourning. But the thought of G-Ma now puts a smile on my face. Her crazy rants finally make sense.

Besides the new learnings, I feel different in a way that’s difficult to identify. Like I have a new source of energy. Exhilaration and desire to put my new knowledge into action rush through me.

“I get it now. We don’t have to succumb to governments and corporations colluding to control our needs, desires and actions through their currency and software. By taking ownership of our money, they can no longer use it against us.” I proclaim, shocked by the clarity of my words.

“Bitcoin offers the opportunity to build an alternative system that empowers individuals.” My face mirrors Rav’s stone-cold soberness. “A brighter future is within reach but we must fight for it.”

Rav doesn’t flinch at my sudden transformation. He’s seen it before.

As he opens his mouth to respond, a loud tick interrupts. He turns his head to face its source. The wall clock. The minute hand has moved to face downward.

He turns back to me. “You now have the knowledge to communicate Bitcoin’s value but that knowledge is not enough. Alone, it can actually get you into a lot of trouble. If you wish to contribute to Bitcoin, you need the tools and skills to operate in our war-torn surveillance state.”

I nod with locked eyes in response.

“Go to Times Square tomorrow morning,” he instructs me. “An unidentified man will approach you. Follow him, do what he says and learn as much as you can from him. And Otto, make sure to not draw attention to yourself.”

No man’s knowledge here can go beyond his experience.

John Locke

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